Supporting Snooker player Mark Joyce

Moores opticians which has been an established practice since 1950 has a very good relationship with patients. Many of our adult patients started their journey at a very young age and have stayed with Moores Opticians well into adulthood. They feel very much at home with Moores and a good example of how Moores Opticians has supported a patient that came as a young child and is now, a professional snooker player, is Mark Joyce.

Mark Joyce  who was born on 11 August 1983 in Walsall, West Midlands is an English professional snooker player who lives in Walsall. He began his professional career by playing Challenge Tour in 2003. Joyce enjoyed an outstanding amateur career, winning the European Under-19 Championship in 2001, the English Open in 2005 and the English Amateur Championship in 2006, beating Martin O’Donnell 8–3 in the final. Joyce also finished fifth on the 2005/06 Pontin’s International Open Series, winning the second of eight events, to book a place on Main Tour. Mark has been ranked in the top 40 in the world for the last 7/8 seasons with a high ranking of 29 in 2014.

Last season saw a drop in Mark’s ranking due to a change of coach but has started this season on a positive note, reaching his Maiden ranking event final in Riga, Latvia in July 2019. When Mark first started playing snooker, it was at Moores opticians that he was fitted with contact lenses after using snooker glasses (specs of a particular design to help him to see clearly at different angles). Mark took to wearing contact lenses quickly, and it soon became apparent that this would be successful for Mark’s career. Moores opticians saw the potential in Mark and realised he could become a professional snooker player for England and decided to sponsor him by providing free contact lenses.

As Mark’s lifestyle changed with him jet setting all over the world for tournaments so did the demand on his contact lenses. We refitted him with contact lenses that he can sleep in, so he doesn’t have to worry about cases, solutions or having to keep taking them in and out. These lenses, known as Extended wear lenses suit him perfectly and Mark has been very happy with these lenses and the service provided by Moores opticians over the years. If he has ever had any problems with his eyes, we have seen to him straight away, just like we see to any of our patients.

In his own words Joyce says ‘I have used Moores Opticians for over 20 years, from the early days of wearing snooker glasses to the transition of finding suitable contact lenses to suit my needs, Moores Opticians have been first class.

It is comforting to know that of any issues were to arise with my eyes or lenses, then Moores are always on the other end of the phone and available to help. I would recommend them to anyone who may require glasses or is considering contact lenses. I thank Shamina and Moores opticians for their continued support’.

It is great to see our young patients become successful over time and continue to provide great eyecare solutions to match their career and lifestyle. Mark Joyce is still a great personality who even though is very successful remains humble and a great patient to have. If you would like to try contact lenses, book in for a free consultation now, you would need to have an up to date sight test.

Written by our Optometrist Shamina Asif BSc MCOptom